Corporate Training Photography
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Corporate Training Photography

Some of our Corporate Clients request corporate training photography when staff and leadership, especially sales, gather at destination resorts for team building events, social interaction, awards and other types of employee recognition, training and motivation activities.

Photography plays a large part in these events. The images can be used in closing session presentations, prints are given to employees who received an award, couple photos are often done during formal dinners, and often we do formal headshots of company staff for use in websites and other company communications. Since a large part of the company staff is in one place, it's a great idea to photograph everyone individually at the same time, with the same studio or environmental background for uniformity.

This photo was taken during a Fellowship program presented by a local think tank for graduate students going into law, politics, civil service and related fields.

Candid photos of speakers in a small group such as this one are most effective when they are not posed. We use available light when possible and techniques and gear suited for low light situations, including quiet or silent cameras.

At Barnet Photography, based in Orange County California and also serving Loa Angeles and San Diego Counties we are very experienced in working with corporate clients. We know their needs and how they will be using our images. We always work quickly and deliver top quality images on time.

Location: The Fashion Island Hotel, Newport Beach California.