Corporate Team Group Portrait Laguna
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Corporate Team Group Portrait Laguna

This corporate team group portrait was created during a company wide sales meeting at a beautiful local Orange County resort, the Laguna Cliffs Marriott. We had little time to set up this group shot between meetings and activities. Of course, the Client wanted to see the nice blue Pacific Ocean background, but as you can see by the shadows, the group is backlit. So, in order to keep the blue ocean and sky,we had to use powerful lights to properly expose the faces. Tests were peformed beforehand to make sure the lighting was right, so as soon as our group was available we did the photos. They were photographed in only a few minutes. Several exposures were made to make sure we had several "keepers" and, to be able to "swap" eyes or faces in the event that did not have a perfect photo of everyone. This is part of our service and we do all retouching in-house, so we can deliver the final product quickly. In this case, prints were rushed so everyone in the group could have a finished, professionally printed, 8x10 photograph the next day to take home.

Location: Laguna Cliffs Resort, Dana Point, California.