Corporate Meeting Photography
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Corporate Meeting Photography

One of the requests we have during a corporate or educational conference is coverage of small groups at work, like this Fellowship Program break-out session or corporate meeting photography coverage. Obviously the participants know the photographer is there, out job is to be as inconspicuous as possible without being "sneaky", sneaking around in a ninja like fashion actually draws more attention. We work quietly, with purpose and get out of the room when we have what we need.

This is where experience is very helpful. In a very few minutes after we start this coverage, with available light (usually no flash) and very quiet cameras, the participants ignore our presence and get involved in their conversation. Only a few minutes are needed to get overall and a few individual photos of the participants to convey the essence of the event, which is what our clients want.

It's important that participants, who know are being photographed, realize that "we have their back". We don't photograph people eating, drinking or in award positions. Once they sense this, everyone relaxes,

Barnet Photography serves small businesses, large corporations and government institutions in the San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles areas. We are based in Costa Mesa.

Location: The Fashion Island Hotel, Newport Beach California.