Corporate meeting photographer
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Corporate meeting photographer

A corporate meeting photographer should be unobtrusive, fast, intuitive, confident and fast, yes, speed is important, but even if given very limited time, the images can't look rushed. Barnet Photography, serving mainly businesses in Los Angeles and Orange County, is well versed in this type of work. Many of our Clients need editorial style images to be included in their annual reports, press releases and other types of internal and external communication, like this candid image captured during a meeting. This is very different than advertising photography, where the subjects are usually the company's products or models. Much of corporate photography deals with the people who make the products or preform the services. A corporate or PR photographer's job is to show his or her clients and their products or services in the best "light" possible.

Barnet Photography understands the needs of our Corporate Clients, we "get" what our Clients want to say thorough our photographs.

Location: The Fashion Island Hotel, Newport Beach, California.