Corporate Event Images Langham Hotel
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Corporate Event Images Langham Hotel

A corporate event in a great venue (like the Langham Hotel in Pasadena) can be a wonderful networking opportunity, and it's fantastic when there are images to remember the connections made on the day. Great photography at a conference allows brands to show the public who is on their team, and to put real life faces to what otherwise might seem like an abstract concept. This is particularly helpful for a company like Lancome, whose team members pictured here are every day women with amazing style-- just like the customers the company attracts.

Amidst the hubbub of the drinks, speeches and schmoozing, it's important to have a photographer there who pro-actively gets group shots together so the company has every tool at their disposal to publicize their event and share it with every participant and their contacts. We pride ourselves on knowing our way around such settings and delivering comprehensive coverage that makes our clients very happy.

Location: Pasadena, CA.