Convention Photographer in Los Angeles
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Convention Photographer in Los Angeles

Most Convention booth images are not posed, our clients want to see real interaction with those who visit their booths, and, asking people to look a the camera is not usually a good idea. Convention attendees don't come ready to be photographed and since they don't know the photographer or where and how the photos will be used they may be annoyed. Not a good thing for the company who paid lots of money to put their products in front of users. However, there are times, like in this image, when users of the products, spokespeople for the company, business or personal friends of the presenters, etc. come by the booth and it's a good idea to take a few photos with them and the company executives at the booth. These photos may be sent to the clients later, could be used for PR purposes, etc. It's up to us to sense when these posed pictures should be taken and to be ready to do them when asked by a convention client.

Location: Mandalay Bay Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada.