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Aerospace Photography

Barnet Photography has been involved in Aerospace Photography for a very long time, including the very important PR side of this extremely visual industry. This image of the Chairman of Rockwell International, a US Senator and the President of Rockwell Aircraft Division in front of the first B1-B bombers delivered to the US Air Force was taken at Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska, the home of SAC (Strategic Air Command) just before the official delivery ceremony.

Images like this become historical documents, and are often very difficult to pull off. The 3 Very VIP gentlemen were chatting about 100 feet away from this location, not facing the sun, and were only going to be there for a few seconds before moving on. Seeing the "photo op" I politely asked them to walk in front of the Aircraft, face the sun, and continue chatting for a moment, being cognsant of what I was trying to do, and the importance of the image, they complied, but I was only going to have a few seconds. Of course I had set my exposure and fill flash before asking, so it was a matter of directing a little and getting the plain in the background. The photo was later released to the media and use extensibly.

At Barnet Photography we have the experience of working with high profile individuals and we're not afraid to direct a little to make our Clients and their products look their best.

Location: Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska, USA.