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We have had the pleasure to be the wedding photographer for several Terrenea weddings. One of the great features of Terrenea is its close proximity to the beach. Following the ceremony, most couples like to have photos done at the beach and sometimes the entire wedding party joins them. In this case the bridal couple, one videographer and one photographer (Joe) were taken to the beach in a large golf cart by the Terrenea staff.

We usually don't have much time for photos at the beach, but these may be the most important images of the day, so we have to make every second count. Because of wind and harsh or fading sunlight, photographing a bridal couple at the beach can be challenging, especially if the bride's gown has a long train. In this image I used a powerful off camera flash unit, triggered by radio from the camera. As you can see, the sun is behind the couple (their shadows are in front of them), so they don't have harsh sunlight on their faces, The powerful flash allowed me to expose the couple correctly and still see blue water behind them. Blending flash with existing sunlight can be tricky and could require a little testing before arriving at the correct exposure and amount of flash used, but in a situation like this, when we want to do as many different photos of the couple as possible, every second counts, so lighting has to be second nature so the photographer can concentrate in directing the couple and making as many different, beautiful images as possible in a short time. Experience is key to doing this type of work quickly so the couple can get out of the hot sun and rejoin their family and friends.