Best Wedding Photography at Rancho Las Lomas
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Best Wedding Photography at Rancho Las Lomas

If you want to experience some of the best wedding photography done at Rancho Las Lomas, look through our website. We have had the privilege of photographing many weddings at this beautiful Orange County venue in the last few years. There are many spots at Rancho where we can have our couples move around and interact without having to worry about limited backgrounds. Everything looks great! This image is what we called a "directed candid". We try to "pose" our couples as little as possible, other than formal portraits and group photos; instead, we direct them as a film director would, with emphasis on being themselves, having fun and looking at each other rather than at the camera. In this image I chose a low angle for more impact,

Many wedding photographers avoid shooting moving subjects only when they have to, We on the other hand, like to set up these types of photos because they look spontaneous and carefree. Our background in sports photography, including motor racing makes us very comfortable with moving subjects. Our cameras and shooting techniques allow us to keep a moving subject in focus.

Location: Rancho Las Lomas, Silverado Canyon, California.