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Artistic Wedding Photography

This wedding happened to be on one of the windiest days of the year and blew the clouds into this artistic formation that was perfect for the bride and groom’s photography session.

This area is just below the ceremony site at the Vellano Country Club in Chino Hills, CA. During the ceremony, the winds really picked up and blew in those beautiful whispy clouds so we planned to capture this dramatic sky after the ceremony. We set up an off camera flash to balance the background with the couple, and then fluffed the veil just enough for the wind to give the veil the movement we needed. As with any situation where you are dealing with nature, we took several shots before we finally got “The One”.

It’s very important for us to fine-tune a shot until we are happy with our image. Sometimes the conditions may be a little uncomfortable, but our clients know that we are capturing something really special, so we work quickly and efficiently to make it happen.

The pop of red in the bride’s bouquet contrasts nicely against the deep blue sky. Red and silver was the wedding color palette and was chosen because both the bride and groom attended to Ohio State University.

Location: Chino Hills, CA.