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The Experience


When you think back on your wedding day, you want to remember how great everything was: all the love, all the emotion, how much fun you had at the reception... Not how much time you spent taking pictures. We work very hard to make sure our couples enjoy their wedding day to the fullest. Our positive, upbeat approach insures that everyone is relaxed and looks their best.


You should be comfortable with your photographer. That's why we include an engagement session in most of our collections. It's a great opportunity to spend a little time together before the wedding in a beautiful location getting to know each other and to create amazing photographs.


One of the things that sets us apart is our custom album design session. Our clients trust us to photograph their weddings, so we think it's very important that the photographers who captured the images and experienced the wedding day are the ones who design the album.

We start with a proposed design - our vision of the wedding day - and since every wedding is different, and every couple unique, we don't use pre-designed templates.


Every page of every album is custom designed by us and approved by the Bride and Groom. This process is not rushed. We are creating a family heirloom and it's got to be perfect.


Our studio is 100% digital and we use the latest Nikon cameras and lenses. All images are captured in "RAW" mode. Unlike JPEGS's, RAW files (also referred to as digital negatives) give us great latitude for enhancing and color correcting our images in post production. This also means that any photograph can be made into color, black and white, sepia or one of many other custom effects. Working with RAW images is more time consuming and requires much more computer storage, but the high quality photographs we can produce make it well worth the extra effort. We also safeguard our images with the use of a large RAID 6 server and other redundant back ups. Our post-production is done in Lightroom and Photoshop. Mirta teaches workflow, retouching and album design at our workshops. Our clients deserve the very best!!

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